Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sarah and Tay's Wedding (The One with the Amazing Chairs!) - Part 1 of 2

Every wedding at Lenora's Legacy is truly a delight to host, but we feel especially honored when a wedding professional chooses our estate for her wedding. We know that those who work with brides see many wedding venues, and we are over the moon when they decide to entrust their special day to us.

Not only that, but those who attend a lot of weddings usually come up with some pretty fantastic and unique ideas when it is their turn to tie the knot. When Sarah - the delightful talent behind BerryTree Photography - married her sweetheart Tay, the day certainly did not disappoint! Sarah and Tay's wedding was full of original ideas (the chairs!) and best of all, big smiles all around. We hope you enjoy looking at their wedding photos as much as we did taking them.

Sarah and Tay could not have picked a prettier day for a wedding!

Don't you love the creative use of vintage doors for the ceremony space? And take a good look at the eclectic assortment of chairs the couple brought in - we love it!


Sarah and Tay's wedding was full of meaningful personal details, including this handcrafted sign with a beautiful Bible verse from Ecclesiastes 4:12.  

We keep talking about the chairs, and here they are! It looked incredible to have a collection of unique antique wooden chairs instead of the usual rentals. I know they're only chairs, but wow!

Sarah walking down the aisle, framed out by the pair of vintage doors.

The wedding ceremony was so moving. And the lace on Sarah's wedding dress was simply exquisite. Can you see the flowers hanging above the bride and groom? It was just one of the many creative touches Sarah brought in to make her wedding to Tay so memorable. 

Even better than the beautiful decor was the pure joy on the faces of Tay and Sarah's loved ones. In picture after picture, you will see how thrilled everyone was for the bride and groom. The outpouring of happiness was truly remarkable and is a testament to how loved this beautiful couple is.

And the kids at this wedding - could they be any more adorable?

The newlyweds during the recessional. Again, look at the joyous expressions on the faces of their guests. 

There were so many wonderful photos of Sarah and Tay's wedding that we decided to share them in two posts. Stay tuned for Part 2 soon - the reception!

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