Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Mallorie and Casey's May Wedding - Babies, Babies, Babies!

When Mallorie and Casey got married at Lenora's Legacy on May 24th, not only was the bride beautiful and the weather perfect, but adorable babies were everywhere! No clouds or rain on this beautiful May day, and what a fun group of people they had. Mallorie and Casey are such a gorgeous couple. She is so like her beautiful mother, Patti. Both are fun-loving, generous, and very calm---even in the midst of a huge celebration.

I particularly like the little guy behind the groomsmen---someday he will be just like his daddy! 

The two young ringbearers, along with the two flower girls, took their jobs seriously during the processional, but celebrated with abandon as they made their way from the ceremony to the house. 

Oh my goodness, the flower crowns and the braids!

Isn't the back of Mallorie's dress incredible? Her hair is perfection too. 

The bouquets were exquisite - roses, hydrangeas, little succulents - just lovely for a spring wedding.

The bridesmaids wore cute knee length dresses in the most stunning shade of coral.
And the babies with their Mommas! So many cute babies!

No wonder this little guy stole the scene- can you believe the cuteness?

And the seersucker bow tie? Can you even stand it?

The wedding had all the right touches with the decorations of burlap, Mason jars, tea candles, white doilies, and cute signs.

Fun photo props!

Mallorie and her friends had taken old bottles and added shiny glitter and paint to make them sparkle - it was such a great DIY accent.

Loved the signs at the beverage barn --showing the various choices for drink. 
Peach lemonade, in a nod to Lenora's Legacy being an old peach farm, was the drink for the guests as they assembled under the pecan tree.

The banner for "Mr and Mrs" behind the huge cake was particularly nice.The fresh buttercream and wooden slab suited the rustic Peach Shed perfectly.

Everyone partied until late, with most having come from many states away to this destination wedding.

The perfect sentiment for the perfect day.

Join us for more May weddings, including Hanna & Rob and Madison & C.T. May was only the beginning of an incredible wedding season at Lenora's Legacy - stay tuned for June wedding photos coming soon!

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