Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Kim and Jason's Wedding: Cupcakes and Abudant Flowers

Kim Ashby and Jason Kistler were married at Lenora's Legacy on July 26th, 2014. It was certainly a much prettier day than when Jason and Kim first came from near Charlotte to visit us on an early January day during a rainstorm! They loved our venue and had a gorgeous, intimate wedding during the summer.

The hand painted wooden signs, along with lots of great flowers and our own dark pink crepe myrtle trees provided a great backdrop for the event.

Kim used some very unique, decorative doors with stained glass to frame her entrance. They chose for the ceremony location a grouping of pecan, oak and hickory trees. The shade was very welcome on a July day. 

Kim had such stunning floral arrangements. Look how many different types of vessels were used - an antique rustic pitcher, tree trunks, pails on shepherd's hooks, and Mason jars. The variety of floral displays were gorgeous in combination.

The reception was just as beautiful as the ceremony. We loved all the different soft drinks with some names we had never heard before. And oh, the cupcakes!!! So many scrumptious flavors with lots of icing!

Choose just one cupcake flavor? Impossible! Champagne bouquet, chocolate chip cookie delight, blackberry cobbler, coconut cream pie, pink lemonade - the cupcake flavors were unlike any we'd ever seen before.

Every part of Kim and Jason's wedding day was so special. Speaking of memorable events, be sure to take a look at the beautiful photos from Amanda and Aiden's vow renewal celebration. We see many young couples started off their married lives together, and it is delightful to witness how love can grow and deepen over the years of marriage.

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