Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Erin and Dan's Complete Wedding by FamZing

A while back, we had the pleasure of sharing with you a little preview of the amazing photos FamZing took of Erin and Dan's wedding here at Lenora's Legacy. Well now the photographer has generously shared the entire album with us, and we couldn't be more delighted to share the pictures with you. Sit back and enjoy this journey through one of the most fun-filled weddings we hosted in 2015.

Erin and Dan's photographer took full advantage of the rainy weather to capture some incredible photos.

Don't you just adore these pictures of the flower girl and the bride admiring her beautiful wedding gown before the ceremony? These photos were taken in the bridal suite in our farmhouse.

Such a sweet moment shared by Dan and Erin.

This dear lady just captured our hearts!

Officially my new favorite wedding tradition: the bride with her parents sharing a photo from their wedding day. 

A most excellent head of ring security!

Erin has the most wonderfully expressive face. She clearly enjoyed every single moment of her wedding day.

The dapper groom. The light suits fit the weather perfectly, and looked fantastic with the vibrant rose boutonierres.

 The gazebo provided welcome shelter for the vow exchange on a rainy day.

 The tree watering was a very nice new take on the unity ceremony. The simplicity was lovely.

First kiss as husband and wife!

 White pumpkins, mums, and lanterns lined the steps of the Peach Shed Pavilion.

Chandeliers were brought in to decorate the Peach Shed - don't they look fantastic?

 Very cute guestbook idea.

 These were definitely bridesmaid dresses that the ladies will love to wear again - so chic!

 Beautiful first dances at the reception.

 Another great Erin face, showing her pure joy!

Awesome cake stand that once held my favorite cheddar cheese, Cabot from Vermont (try the Seriously Sharp with a piece of your apple pie this Thanksgiving, you'll love it).

 The little mouse with baby's breath on the cake table was too cute!

 There was great enthusiasm for the bouquet toss.

This crowd flat out danced all night. There was terrific energy on the dance floor from the wedding party and guests of all ages (especially the littlest ones). It was a really fun reception.

 The FamZing team got some very unique group photos taken from up high in the Peach Shed.

 This photo sums up perfectly the laughter and joy of Erin and Dan's wedding.

Great grand exit from the Peach Shed with lots of bubbles to send off the newlyweds.

The perfect ending to a very memorable wedding!

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