Thursday, April 14, 2016

Our Favorite Firsts

Every moment of a wedding is special, but we especially love the "firsts" - the first look, first kiss, and first dance. After all, there is only one change for a first moment. These were some of our favorite first moments during weddings at Lenora's Legacy. We hope you enjoy!

To be honest, I'm pretty traditional when it comes to the groom not seeing the bride before the marriage ceremony, so I absolutely adored Madison and C.T.'s "no look" first look. The groom wore a blindfold, so the couple could share a special moment before the ceremony while preserving the surprise when Madison walked down the aisle. Love it!

This is another great concept for a pre-ceremony couple photo - either stopping just like this to keep the surprise, or actually coming together for a true first look. This photo was from Erin and Dan's wedding by FamZing.

Image credit: FamZing

Then there is the first kiss! After all the planning and everything that goes into preparing for a wedding, is there anything better than that moment when the officiant says, "I now declare them man and may kiss the bride!"? It brings tears to my eyes every time.

We loved the vintage style of Nicholas and Cara's June wedding, especially her fabulous aqua blue macrame necklace.

Erin and Dan's wedding was filled with joy, and their first kiss was no exception!

Image credit: FamZing

Image credit: Kelli C Photography

Hannah and Joe's wedding was beautifully photographed by Kendra Martin.

Image credit: Kendra Martin Photography

And our last first is the first dance! Many brides and grooms have danced the night away under the lights in our Peach Shed Pavilion, and it always starts with that first turn around the dance floor. 

Image credit: Millie Holloman

April and Jimmy's wedding had a creative vintage flair, captured artfully by Amber McDowell.

Image credit: Amber McDowell Photography

Image credit: FamZing

And the bride and groom danced the night away...

Image credit: Hannah Woodard Photography

See more of our favorite first dance moments over on Pinterest. What is your favorite song for the first dance? Leave a comment and let us know!

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