Monday, August 19, 2013

Inside Lenora's Legacy: Facilities in the Peach Shed Pavilion

Now it might seem a bit funny to share photos of a restroom with y'all, but nonetheless we wanted to share a few photos of the facilities in our Peach Shed Pavilion. Why? Because unlike the typical barn or outdoor wedding venue, the Peach Shed has pleasant permanent restrooms. It's one of those little things which adds to the overall ambiance of your event. After all, which do you think your wedding guests would prefer: a portable trailer or a proper ladies' room?

If you'd like to see more of our estate, be sure to visit our earlier posts: Lenora's Legacy in Full Bloom, Outdoors Around the Estate, The Parlor, The Kitchen, The Bedroom Suites {Part 1}, The Bedroom Suites {Part 2}, and The Country Store. You can also connect with us on Facebook to see pictures of the latest weddings and events at Lenora's Legacy.

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