Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Country Store at Lenora's Legacy

In our series of posts showing you around Lenora's Legacy Estate, we have saved one of our favorite places for last. Today we are delighted to share with you the Country Store. For those who may not know the whole story of Lenora's Legacy, it was once a working peach and cotton farm owned by my grandparents, Dever and Willie Lenora Collins. Back when my grandparents ran their farm, they had a country store where my grandfather used to sell flour, cornmeal, sugar, and other items to his neighbors in the Motlow Creek area. I will always remember the honey bee hives that were on the front porch. At one time the original store was relocated - it was dragged a mile to a new location on timbers pulled by mules.

The Country Store on our estate today was built in 2004 as a replica of my grandpa's old store. We filled it with as many original items from my grandparents as possible, including the original mantel from my grandmother's room, my grandpa's trunk, the cotton scale from the Peach Shed, and the hammered aluminum dish that held the no-back chocolate cookies my grandmother always made. Jack and I love all of the collectible items in the Country Store that are so reminiscent of the original store.

Today the porch of the Country Store is often where brides choose to situate the gift table at their wedding. We have also had brides use it as a backdrop for banjo and mandolin musicians, a lemonade stand, and even an ice cream stand. We love seeing how brides incorporate this very unique and sentimental part of Lenora's Legacy into their special days.

Be sure to look back over the rest of our posts touring you around our gardens in bloom, the grounds, the parlor, the bridal suite, and more of the bedrooms inside the farmhouse. And please feel free to contact us to arrange for a personal tour of Lenora's Legacy - we look forward to meeting you!

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