Friday, May 20, 2016

Faith-Filled Wedding Details

Many of our brides and grooms are people of deep faith, so it is only natural that they would incorporate signs of their faith into their wedding days. Each wedding is very personal and unique, but many of them share in common using favorite Scripture verses, ceremony crosses, and other meaningful details. These are some of the special faith-filled wedding details from Lenora's Legacy weddings.

April and Jimmy's wedding was full of personal details, and they were certain to include a statement of their faith among the other elements.

It has been said that "it takes three to get married". The beautiful cross these couples used during their wedding ceremonies showed their commitment to Christ-centered marriages. Simple, but powerful.

A large table cross was used as the focal point on this more traditional outdoor altar for a ceremony.

Image credit: Touch of Grace
Judith and Casey met doing missionary work in the Philippines, and prayer was an important part of their ceremony.

Hannah and Alex chose to wash one another's feet during the marriage ceremony as a powerful symbol of their humble love and their desire to follow in the footsteps of Jesus.

Favorite Bible verses are a wonderful way to express faith and also to say something about the bride and groom's relationship. Our couples have found many creative ways to include Scripture in their weddings. These beautiful and varied large signs were displayed at wedding ceremonies at Lenora's Legacy.

We loved how Sarah and Tay used an actual cord to illustrate this verse from Ecclesiastes 4:12.

Below is another very beautiful version of Ruth 1:16.

The descriptions of love found in First Corinthians 13 are ever-popular ceremony readings, but here they were used in a very creative way as the wedding cake topper.  Hannah and Joe's wedding was photographed by Kendra Martin Photography.

Mallorie and Casey's wedding by Hannah Woodard Photography featured the classic Biblical description of marriage from Genesis 2:24 on a little sign next to their wedding cake. It was indeed a sweet reminder that the fruit of the wedding day is a lifetime of marriage.

Friends, if you missed it, take a look back at our recent post about summer wedding inspiration. It is just about time to kick off peak wedding season, and we cannot wait!

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