Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Our Favorite Wedding Send Offs

As you are planning for a picture perfect wedding, don't forget to plan for an equally fantastic ending! It is great fun to gather all the guests at the end of the reception so they can send off the newlyweds in style with cheers of well wishes. From bubbles to vintage cars to light sticks (to more bubbles!), these are some of our favorite wedding send offs.

How cute is this vintage style "Just Married" sign from Erin and Dan's wedding? We don't see too many cars with cans and shoes tied to them these days, but streamers are still quite popular.

Actually, we spoke too soon - Kayla and Brad's friends actually did tie cans to their getaway truck - Coca Cola cans in the same shiny red as the truck, of course. The streamers and balloons were a festive touch. I love how many of their guests got in on the decorating fun!

Hannah and Robert left their reception in a cloud of bubbles. Photographed by Hannah Woodard.

April and Jimmy dashed through a tunnel of bubbles and well wishes. Amber McDowell Photography captured every delightful moment of their send off.

Three cheers for newlyweds Chelsea and Dan! Photography by Michelle Brooks.

The ramp out of the Peach Shed Pavilion makes a perfect place to gather for a grand send off. Images above by Kelli C Photography.

Just look at the groom's look of triumph and the bride's joyful expression in this send off photo by Millie Holloman - I love how it captured the young newlyweds' excitement in the moment.

Erin and Dan pause for a kiss among the bubbles. Image by FamZing.

Colorful light sticks make for great photos at the end of the night! Image by Cureton Photography.

Hannah and Joe heading off to their wedding night after their beautiful reception. See more of Kendra Martin's photos of their wedding here.

It's hard to beat a vintage car like the one Jessica and Taylor chose for their elegant wedding. Cureton Photography did a marvelous job capturing the newlyweds during their sunset send off.

In case you missed our last post, be sure to take a look back at the heartfelt expressions of faith we shared from Lenora's Legacy weddings. They are truly inspiring.

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