Thursday, June 9, 2016

Classic Bridal Portraits at Lenora's Legacy

Truly there is nothing lovelier than a bridal portrait. We love the beautiful photos showcasing the bride in her specially chosen wedding gown. Outdoor photos, such as many brides have opted for at Lenora's Legacy, offer a particularly romantic backdrop for bridal portraits. These are a few of our very favorites - we hope you enjoy the photos and find inspiration for your own bridal shots.

Beautiful bride Amber (above and below), was photographed by Camilla Calnan in multiple settings around the estate. This is a great way to capture different moods and showcase different aspects of the bride's personality, gown, and accessories. In the photo above, her blowing veil and the dramatic sky create a very striking scene, while the image below is fresh, sweet, and classic.

Bride April also chose several backdrops for her bridal portraits by Amber McDowell Photography. Couples often wonder how to honor and include loved ones who have passed in their weddings, and holding a portrait as April does in the right-hand image is a lovely idea. Another idea is for the bride to hold her mother's bridal portrait, which would be especially meaningful if the bride is wearing her mom's wedding gown.

In this soft, ethereal portrait of Hannah by Kendra Martin Photography, gentle black and white tones create a gentle, romantic image of the bride.

All of the photos of Nicholas and Cara's wedding by The Mondays Photography are full of personality, and Cara's portraits are no exception. The duo format is a terrific layout for showcasing both the bride's beauty and her personality.
Another terrific way to use a duo photo is shown in Heather's portraits by Amber McDowell Photography. The three-quarter view lets us see the bride's pretty face, while the close up image is perfect for capturing special details, in this case her beautiful bouquet.

JAC Photography (now called Ryan & Alyssa Photography) also took photos of bride Caroline (images above and below) in multiple locations. The crisp clean background of the farmhouse's front porch offers a classic setting, as well as plenty of reflected light that illuminates the bride's lovely face. In the images below, her white gown stands out against the lush green lawn and foliage, making it an ideal spot for the full length portrait with the gown's train extended.

The double portrait is a terrific way to show off multiple views of the bridal gown. We love how Hannah Woodard Photography highlighted both the classic elegance of Mallorie's lace wedding dress in the full length view and the dramatic open keyhole back.

Speaking of backs, this photo by Kelli C Photography is unbelievably gorgeous! Doesn't the bride look like a glamorous vintage movie star? And what a way to showcase a beautiful train. Definitely ask your photographer about shooting bridal portraits from a variety of angles.

Of course as much as we love outdoor bridals, this dramatic portrait of Jessica by Cureton Photography in the light of the window is truly spectacular. This is a wedding photo she will surely treasure for a lifetime.

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